During the 2021 year, I took it upon myself to learn how to model 3D characters and animate in 3D space using Blender.
Here's a collection of that work. 
This head model was inspired by the horror franchise "Paranormal Activity." 
I wanted to model an older woman who had been possessed by a spirit/devil and was left in a state of shock and her physical appearance [eyes] was altered to demonstrate her becoming unhinged, possessed, and gone.
This was my first attempt at 3D modeling and I just wanted to create something 
This project was born from me recreating my home. There's this hallway and as I was modeling it, I came up with this idea of someone waking up and walking down this hallway that loops itself into a dead end [still working on it.] 
Exercise of recreating my home.
Another exercise where I recreated my old apartment. 
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