Hello, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Texas. I’ve been passionate about art ever since I can remember. From winning an art competition in third grade to learning about animation my junior year of high school, to now a graduating student of Texas State University, I’ve been consistently learning, exploring, and expanding on my skills. I love learning and creating art, from charcoal drawings, to learning how to paint this past year (thank you corona), to animating and writing music. In high school, I was a part of our drumline, I was center/first chair for tenors, so I've had to learn how to lead and be a team player of a marching band of +300. Nothing is as stressful as having your marching band director yell at you/your section for getting off beat and throwing the whole band off. Oof the memories!
At Texas State, one of the professors I had the privilege to meet once said, "Logos are the gateway drug to designers," and I never knew anything more correct. Ever since I've learned about the different methods of creating an efficient, clean, and simple logo, I've been hooked! Goodbye to the days of looking at art, design, or  work without needing to break it down to why they made such decisions (talking about you APC, shame on you APC.)
Growing up, I loved watching cartoon shows from South Park to The Regular Show. Some of my earliest memories are of me locking myself up in a closet with a single lamp and drawing different made-up characters for hours and hours. My life goal is to create a cartoon show with the aesthetics and sadness of Bojack Horseman, but with the comedy of South Park and Rick and Morty. Yes, dark, gritty, and hilarious bits, that's my s#!t. Outside of creating art, I’m either playing and or annoying my puppy Mylo, sharing a laugh with some friends, and keeping up with the UFC and NBA. Go Spurs Go!
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